Why Do You Need a CDN for Your WordPress Website?

Have a question, What is CDN? Why do you need CDN(Content Delivery Network) for your WordPress website? Why CDN is important for your WordPress Website Or Blog? Well, In this article we will describe in detail CDN(Content Delivery Network) and also describe why do you need CDN for your website.

When you are trying to speed up your WordPress Website/Blog, then a CDN(Content Delivery Network) is the best particularly helpful tool to getting a more lightweight & optimized website. Content Delivery Network (CDN) quickly delivers resources or content to the end customer/user/visitor in several locations and improves the visitors/user experience. Also, Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides DDodes Protection and Browser Cache strategy.

In this article, we’ll describe why do you need a CDN for your WordPress website?

Now before the in-depth writing, we have been completely describing the CDN, but it’s still clear that we are not cleaning ourselves enough. Yet many defenders do not understand what a CDN is, so we are always asked, “Even if I get a CDN, do I want internet hosting?”.That’s partially our fault for not making points clear. It was dropped at our consideration that every time we have written about CDN, we on a regular basis ignore the basics. So in this content, we are going to try to explain what a CDN key is and why do you need a CDN for your WordPress website.

To make it easier to clean, CDN is one thing you engage on a hosting account power outlet that helps speed up issues. CDN does not exchange a hosting account. You must have an internet hosting provider such as HostGator, Namecheap, Hostinger, Bluehost & Domain.com, SiteGround, and many more.


CDN is not a Web Hosting company. It provides cache files from their different cache servers especially depending on the user/visitor location. CDN serves content from the nearest server to the user. Still, you need Web Hosting even you connect your website with a CDN server. The CDN server will be connected with your web hosting account and it will deliver dynamic content directly from your server and will deliver these files that are not dynamic or no need to change that files.

What is CDN?

CDN is a network of short servers intended for content delivery networks that provide cached static articles and other content to users using the owner’s geographic location. Pretty confusing? Let’s destroy it in simpler words.
Usually, when a user visits your WordPress website, they are redirected to your web host’s server (e.g. HostGator). Your web host’s servers are situated in a central location, such as Houston, Texas. So every user of your website is accessing this one server to view your website. Now if you have a lot of traffic, you can overload your server which leads to slow loading sites or even server crashes. That is the place a CDN comes in handy because it is a network of servers, but most importantly these servers are spread all over the world. When you utilize a CDN(Content Delivery Network), your static article is cached and stored on all these servers.

The static article contains images, stylesheets (CSS files), JavaScript, Flash, and more. Now when a visitor visits your site (original server), CDN technology redirects them to the nearest server to their location. For example: In case your essential server is hosted in Houston, Texas and somebody from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Asia tries to enter it, then they are going to be redirected to the closest server which can be in Dhaka/Asia. This limits the variety of web hops needed to send static files to your last user.

A visitor’s proximity to your net server has an influence on load time. By deploying your article throughout a number of geographically dispersed servers, you may make your pages load quicker from the person’s perspective. This is when CDN comes in handy. Simply put, the closer your user is to the CDN server, the faster the user gets the content.

How does a CDN Work?

Usually, when a visitor/user tries to visit your website, then their web browser downloads the website files and contents from your web hosting server (i.e. Namecheap). Your web hosting server is located at a physical location, for example, the United States of Phoenix.

This means that each visitor/user is accessing your web server in the United State of Phonenix to visit your website. If your website has much more visitors or high traffic values then your website will be slow loading and even some times server will crash or shows an invalid result, for example, the Server not responding. there is an error to establish a server connection.

In this situation, CDN will help you to overcome this issue. Because A CDN server is a network server that has many more physical server locations in the world. If you use a CDN server then the server will store your website’s static content and files on theirs all the available physical cloud server locations. And then if your visitor tries to visit your server then CDN will serve static files to that user from their nearest server location. In this case, your Web hosting will serve only the dynamic content. It increases your website loading speed and controls high traffic without a server crash. Even some CDN servers serve the cache data when your server goes down. That means your website will be live always.

How Does a CDN Work-Content Delivery Network
How Does a CDN Work-Content Delivery Network

Static content material or files consists of photos, static HTML files, javascript, stylesheets (CSS files), and many more. When a visitor/user visits your website, then the CDN network redirects them to the closest server to their available server location.

For example, if your web hosting server is hosted in the United States of Phoenix and somebody from Kolkatta, India tries to browse your website, then they are going to be redirected to the closest CDN server, which can be Kolkata, IN(If the CDN data center available there).

Now, you may be questioning, Is your website needs a CDN server? Let’s see why do you need a CDN for your WordPress website?

Why do you need a CDN for Your WordPress Website?

If you read the section above, you will clearly see that having a CDN can have a huge impact on your website. Below are some of the benefits we have seen on our site using CDN:

  • Speed – Once you start using a CDN on your website, then the website gets faster and optimized! It reduces the loading time of your website.
  • Website Crash Resistance – If didn’t have a proper CDN and caching setup, then your site would crash so many times. CDN allows you to distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to your main server thus making it less likely to crash.
  • Improving User Experience – Since we started using a CDN, we have noticed a decline in bounce rate on our site. Furthermore, we have also seen an increase in page views and the number of pages viewed by each user. The CDN makes our website faster, we will notice a decline in bounce rate on our site. So clearly a faster site means improved user experience.
  • Improvement in SEO – CDN can boost SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for search engines. Google or Bing has clearly stated that faster/optimized websites tend to rank higher in Search Engines. We have noticed our site ranking higher once we did the optimization on our site.

Which is The Best CDN for WordPress?

There are many more WordPress CDN services providers available in the market. We suggest CloudFlare as one of the best CDN service providers that you simply use for your WordPress website. It has many more edge servers in over the world and provides affordable pricing plans. Even with a Free Plan!

The Cloudflare CDN offers a big network community of servers and secures your website from DDoS Attacks.

In the world, Cloudflare has many more EDGE servers. I think they have more server locations than others.

Available CloudFlare CDN Servers In The World-WpFresher
Available Cloudflare CDN Servers In The World-WpFresher

We recommend using Sucuri, for those who are searching for a CDN(Content Delivery Network) service that additionally provides security measures. Sucuri provides a strong WordPress firewall and CDN to guard your website against totally different threats while guaranteeing quick load times.

We use CloudFlare Free CDN Service on our website WpFresher and we are using the Sucuri website security plugin. And our Web Hosting company HostGator.

List of Free CDN Providers:

Some popular Free CDN providers are:

  • Cloudflare,
  • CDNjs,
  • PageCDN,
  • BootstrapCDN,
  • JSDelivr &
  • Coral Content Distribution Network (Defunct)

List of Paid CDN Providers:

Some popular Free CDN providers are:

You can share your experience. We will update our article if you think other CDN providers are pretty well. You are welcome to the comment box.

We hope this article helped you understand why do you need a CDN for your WordPress website.

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