7 Sites To Create Slides You Need To Know

It is often necessary to present work, whether to a group of employees, a boss, or even a customer, not to mention the professionals who work with lectures, workshops, sales pitches. There is no escape, at some point in your life, you will need to create slides. In this article, we will describe the top 7 Sites To Create Slides You Need To Know.

But never despair about it, there is no lack of tools and tips that will help you along this path. You don’t need to feel stuck with PowerPoint (even though it’s still the best tool for creating slides), cause there are plenty of options and even possibilities online. What’s more, what is not lacking are free possibilities.

Then check out seven options of programs that will help you when creating a slide.

7 Sites To Create Slides You Need To Know-WpFresher
7 Sites To Create Slides You Need To Know-WpFresher

What’s a Slide?

But first, it’s good to explain what a slide is. It may sound simple, but many people make mistakes in building their presentations because they don’t understand how they work.

The slideshow is a support for your presentation that visually brings some points that should be highlighted. It cannot contain long blocks of text, but small sentences or topics that support your argument, or even just pictures that illustrate what you’re saying.

It is good to remember that several types of research point out the importance of this resource, since those who are receiving that information interactively find it easier to capture it through images. Don’t miss the opportunity to stimulate more inspiration with the help of slides.

7 Sites to Create Slides:

  • Zoho – Simple and perfect for beginners, it also has a function that helps a lot those who already have formatted works, as it is possible to import and even edit material previously produced in an offline program. For those who like to make everything more beautiful, Zoho also has a large library of themes and formats that help you create your slides.
  • Projeqt – Free, still has in its favor the “way” of social networking. First you are able to register with your existing account from various social networks. Second, you have complete freedom to add material from a variety of sources, both from your computer and from other websites. Even better, you can always keep updating your information and slides.
  • Google Slides – As it is a Google brand, what is not lacking here is ease and a familiar interface for those who already use the company’s devices and programs. Even better, even without needing a “professional look”, the results are always easily transformed into “professional looking” materials. Of course, everything can be shared by Google Drive with the security that the brand always offers.
  • Prezi – Perhaps one of the easiest options you will find. It works offline and you need to download it, but it turns the experience into a blank canvas where you have almost no limits to your creativity.
  • FlexClip – A little different from a simple slide, FlexClip creates types of both more still images and even videos with animated elements. But even though this may sound complicated. It’s pretty simple and instinctive, with most functionality working with objects being dragged.
  • Slide.es – Totally free, it still offers a lot of features. Slid.es still has in its favor the possibility to present everything online. Better yet, with Google Analytics integration, you’ll be able to track visits, views and more any traffic information from your presentation.
  • Emaze – Perhaps one of the most impressive in terms of visuals, emaze is simple and intuitive, not to mention a huge richness of its interface and a huge library of themes created by famous designers. Emaze also has at your disposal the creation of 3D presentations.
How to Create Slides that Go Around the World-WpFresher
How to Create Slides that Go Around the World-WpFresher

How to Create Slides that Go Around the World

These tools that I told you about here really have incredible potential, but even at the beginning of this article I said that PowerPoint remains the best tool for anyone who needs to create slides. Do you know why?

Because PowerPoint is a worldwide tool. It is software that is available on most computers in the world & can be run on different platforms. Compatibility of a ppt presentation is essential for professional speakers.

Imagine that your notebook breaks a few minutes before your presentation. It was made in Prezi & the place you are at has no internet connection for you to download on another machine. What do you do? If you have a PowerPoint, just plug your Pendrive into another computer and put on a show!

Do you agree with me? Comment down here. Also, tell me which of these online slide-making tools is your favorite.

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